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 The Solar Token® is an Energy Credits storage asset and operated through a decentralized digital platform as a strategic alternative to achieve technological advances

Reducing the costs of currently manufactured photovoltaic systems, reducing waste and uncontrolled excess credits

In addition to promoting products and services to partners and the market in general.


Updates will be carried out in the protejo for its evolution, adding new features as the adhesion of its ecosystem is being established, always along the path of institutional security, this being the most important context, along with economic viability and preservation of the environment in which we live with the use of intelligence  collective.


Solar Token (SRT) is a UtilityCoin that will fund intelligence  in new fields of research in the energy sector and its main objective is to reduce costs in the production of devices and software  for generation, transport  and electrical control.


Based on the premise that we can contribute to a stable economy, we seek to build our project with a focus on low carbon emissions, green energy.

With this in mind, we decided to use BlockChain Waves technology to write our code, with the support of all its technology, with it it will be possible to use as a store of value, shares and exchange currency through digital portfolios already known in the cryptocurrency market , which accept the BEP-20 standard such as Trust Wallet and Metamask for example.

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Design sem nome (1)_edited.png